Instagram lifts Snapchat's Stories feature

Via The Verge:

Facebook’s efforts may pay off. Compared with Snapchat, Instagram is more intuitive for first-time users, and so is its stories feature. Granted, a superior visual aesthetic and more user-friendly navigation doesn’t automatically translate to more sharing. Snapchat has proven that you can hand a teen a gnarled mess of features and they’ll figure out how to master them, so long as their friends are on the network. But if Snapchat wants to keep growing, it faces a new obstacle: a bigger competitor, with a more inviting interface, has cloned its chief innovation.

I've never been the biggest fan of Snapchat. I use it every now and then but I've never really been able to wrap my head around the interface. There's way too much going on. The landing screen (which is covered in icons) is your camera, which you use to send ephemeral images to friends, add pictures to your story, or save photos to your memories. You'll find these screens behind those obscure icons above, left, and right of the initial screen. If this sounds confusing it's because it is.