• Remedy teases Alan Wake tie-in for Control via DLC

    Control DLC Roadmap

    While the first Foundation related expansion will undoubtedly be awesome, it's the second expansion — titled AWE and featuring a silhouette that looks very familiar — that I'm really excited for.

    This could be as close to an Alan Wake sequel as we’ll ever get.

  • Apple Watch versus the competition

    It's almost unfair how far ahead Apple is in comparison to other smartwatches. I never thought we'd reach a point where someone like Google or Fitbit literally can't catch up but... here we are.

  • Extra Life North wrap-up

    Extra Life North

    Extra Life North raised $55k~ (on a goal of $50k) for the Children's Miracle Network and the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. I'm so thankful for everyone who contributed and proud of our whole team for getting through the 24 hour stream.

  • Extra Life North 2019

    Extra Life North

    Starting today and running through the weekend, I'll be working/playing alongside my co-workers as we try to raise fund for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and the Children's Miracle Network. If you've got a chance, please consider making a donation to either myself or someone else on our team so we can hit our goal of $50,000.

    If you'd like to follow along with the action throughout the weekend, we'll be streaming the event via Mixer and Twitch with a program full of couch gaming, contests, interviews and much more. I encourage you to swing by and drop some words of support in the chat if you're able to.

  • Catherine: Full Body offers a more complete experience than the original game

    Vincent Brooks

    Aimee Hart for Polygon:

    Catherine developer Atlus has stretched and edited the game into Catherine: Full Body, an updated version for the PlayStation 4 that now features 13 endings, new levels, new music, another love interest, and a whole lot more … while still feeling familiar and comfortable to existing fans. New players will simply benefit from a game that’s much fuller and better realized than the original release.

    This is another 2019 release that totally slipped under the radar for me. The original Catherine is one of my favorites so I know for sure I’ll be picking up Full Body. When I originally played the game, I saw a couple of the endings to the game but now — knowing there are potentially 13 different ways to finish it — I can see spending even more time with it this time around.

  • Telltale Games is back

    Colin Campbell for Polygon:

    Telltale Games, which shut down last year, is coming back after its assets were purchased by a company called LCG Entertainment. The new company will sell some of Telltale’s back catalog and will work on new games based on a few Telltale-associated properties, as well as new licenses.

    This is such good news. This studio shutting down was such a sudden, massive loss for not only the people that worked there but for the fans of all their games.

    I never thought I'd say this but it seems like we'll be getting a third Telltale Batman game after all.

  • First impressions of Control


    Control is crazy cool, like Fringe meets Quantum Break. It’s got everything you’d expect from a game by Remedy and a couple new surprises along the way. Though I’m not super deep into it yet, I still highly recommend giving it a look.

  • Android 10's new look

    Android 10

    Abner Li for 9to5Google:

    Google is using this year’s release to significantly update the operating system’s brand and naming scheme.

    Moving forward, “Android” will just be followed by a version number. This tradition of naming major releases with desserts dates back to Android 1.6 Cupcake in 2009.


    Like the Android 10 naming change, the primary goal of this new look is accessibility. It starts with something as fundamental as color, with the “android” wordmark — which has been slimmed down with a tweaked font — now in black. The previous green was hard to see for those with visual impairments.

    While I totally understand the decision to move away from the dessert names for the sake of clarity, I'll definitely miss them. One of my favourite parts about Android was how playful the whole idea of the version names were, and how Google would include an easter egg that often played off whatever treat they chose for that particular version.

    I love the refreshed look of the Android logo, the new green (accessibility!) for the mascot and the new guidelines for placement of the logomark in relation to the type, etc. I think this new look blends well with that Google's been doing to refresh their own brand, Material Design, and the like.

  • Ghost-Spider returning to the Marvel Universe

    I haven't kept up with Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider since shortly after her debut. I've never been particularly fond of alternate universe stories and while I could appreciate the art, it wasn't really my favourite.

    However, when I found out that not only was Gwen paying an extended visit to the main Marvel Universe but that Takeshi Miyazawa (one of my favourite artists from back in the Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane days) would be continuing to draw the book, I started paying attention again.

    It'll be fun to catch up on everything I've been missed.

  • Money Shot from Vault Comics

    Graeme McMillan for Hollywood Reporter:

    In the near future, space travel has become too expensive to pursue and too boring for people to pay attention to — until Christine Ocampos introduces a teleportation device that she intends to fund in a new and novel way: By traveling to strange new worlds, meeting new civilizations and having sex with them in order to broadcast on the internet as the final frontier of pornography.

    This series sounds like it'll be fun as hell and writer Tim Seeley describes a story with a ton more depth and emotion than what you'd expect from one about humans having sex with aliens to fund their research.

    I followed Seeley because of his work on Hack/Slack many years back and Sarah Beattie is one of the funniest people on Twitter so I have a ton of faith in this team to provide a pretty entertaining book.

    The only real unknown for me regarding Money Shot is artist Rebekah Isaacs but I love what I've seen in the preview for the series, including the colours by Kurt Michael Russell, and I'm really excited to see more leading up to the release of issue #1 in October.